Laundry Day

Well I have decided that Monday will be laundry day on my blog.  Around here Monday is the day when all the Amish ladies do their laundry and hang them to dry.  Rain or shine it seems.  Today was a beautiful February day with the sun shining and a breeze.  So my  friend Chimene and I drove around the surrounding roads to take a few pictures of the different types of clothes lines they use.  The colors are beautiful as well.  Mostly white and blues with various shades.  Laundry day could be more than just clothes.  Maybe someone wants to get rid of a few thoughts, clean up so to speak.  Why not.  Enjoy the photos that’s to Chimene, my photos were a bit too dark.  By the way no Amish folk in the pictures.  They do not want to have their pictures taken so respectfully we did not.


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