Here it is Monday again and of course it is laundry day.  So my friend Chimene and I drove the side roads for more pictures and to meet more Amish.  Today we stopped in to see Verna, she had a little store and sells all ingredients for baking.  She also sell fresh maple syrup.  Today she had fresh cream butter from her cows, only $2.10.  Such a sweet lady with a strong Dutch accent.  And her clothes were hung out to dry, lots of lines full indicating that she has a very large family.  One line was full of blue denim men’s pants.  I took a few pictures for you to enjoy.  I told her I wanted her clothes lines but laughed and said I had my own.  And she then remembered me, that I owned the former Kurtz Amish house.  Yes and my clothes were out today on this beautiful sorta spring day blowing int the wind.  I still invite comments for laundry day.  Tell me something funny or if you have to air some dirty laundry give that a try too.



  1. Evelyn, I remember living in Magothy beach and Mom would hand wash the laundry in the bath tub. No clothes dryer, everything was hung out. I remember curtain stretchers and pants stretchers. It was years before we ever got a washing machine and it looked like a monster.

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