What Came First? Chicken or the Alpaca

It all started about 13 years ago when my father was getting ready to have a heart valve replacement.  He had a 50/50 chance of survival and he took this as he usually took things in a light-hearted way.  We spent the day together and visited all his favorite little haunts.  At one point he told me that he want me to get a flock of chickens if he passed away because he was going to come back as a rooster.  OK Dad, I will do that.  My Dad never made it and I was on a quest to get that flock of chickens.  My late partner and I were wondering where to put them???  Maybe at the little 10 acres that we would grow food on and hang out.  But the coyotes were a problem.  One day while thumbing through a magazine in the studio I came across this article about llamas used as guard animals and that they would fend off coyotes.  After much research a year later we gave up the idea of chickens and of llamas and purchased our first alpaca “S Bayou Negra” Chili Momma!  Still have her and her beautiful daughters.  We did get laying hen a couple of roosters but I can tell you that my father was no rooster.  Too mean!!!


One thought on “What Came First? Chicken or the Alpaca

  1. Evelyn, when I was little our PoPPoP told me to always feed the snow birds because he was comingback as one. I still feed them and think of him everytime I do. Love the Blog.

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