They say that variety is the spice of life.  Well I keep trying a variety of things to make me money.  Not much money is made it seems these days but the variety of things that I get my hands into is incredible.  My store for one has been the one place that I could depend on to make me a steady flow of money.  Socks seem to keep me going, from diabetic/therapeutic socks to extreme outdoor socks and everything in-between.  But this last month my sales have plummeted.  I was hoping that my etsy site would bring more sales with my craft such as the furniture and hand painted fibers and yarns.  Even my art prints have not gone over very well.  What is one to do?  The winter with no snow here has put a big pinch on many businesses in my area.  No ice for ice fisherman and no ice castle, no snow mobiles, not too many skiers either.  How about snow shoeing, cross-country skiers?  Nothing, a Chautauqua County disaster I would say.  Needless to say the alpacas seem to be happy as long as they get hay but the herd needs to get smaller.  I don’t mean less weight per animal I mean fewer animals for me to care for.  Want to buy a couple of alpacas?  Let me know.  Now I am doing some serious thought in growing more food this year.  Let’s face it everyone needs to eat……..  Look at those pumpkins I grew in alpaca poop last year!


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