Taxing the Worry Dolls

OMG!!!  Where did my post go?  I just wrote this crazy post and went to preview and lost everything.  Here I go again….. I am sure I will not be able to repeat all the fun things I said the first time. It is that time of year and yes we all have to go through it, the tax man cometh.  I worked so hard at getting my office ready in the Amish house.  This room was the master bedroom and next to me is my first bathroom.  So the bedroom was a bit larger with a closet.  I put in the electricty so I could see and put the dry wall up so I could be warmer.  I even hung up this great track lighting that I found on Craig’s list cheap.   I got the piles out and also the folders and accordion files for each year, event, business, sorta organized and ready to do it!!!  Do what?  I hate paper work.  I started with finding lost receipts, opening envelopes, sorting according to my two business and went and got a glass of wine.  Sat down with Frida by my side and well…….l got up and left. Mulling over the overdue responsibility and my phobia of all the papers and piles and of course the word TAX I decided to go back into my new cave and work.   Maybe this will be the year I finally do my taxes.

I gathered, sorted, organized, unfolded, stacked and began to log into the computer program Quick Books (what is quick about it I would like to know?) my receipts.  I have to go through everything. What is amazing is my ability to just push things aside and hope that they go away.  I have found myself unfolding and un-crimping receipts that I find tucked away in every pocket, purse, drawer and even the floor of my car.   Not just receipts but statements that I have to go through and pick out the small print of fees that are tax deductable.  My favorite one is the merchant services that I use for my charge card machine. Did you know that I pay for your rewards points?  Some months I have more money going to those fees than in my bank account.  It does not pay to go into business for one’s self.  I really don’t make any money I just have freedom to be more broke and shuffle papers and receipts. Looks like Frida my pooch has realized that we will be living in this room for a while, she brought in her kong ball.  Here to stay.  Maybe this will be the year that I finally do my taxes.

I am getting a burn in my thighs that seem to hug the chair as I ponder each receipt and if the cat food is deductable, of course it is.  My cats are the hardest workers on the farm.  Far too many mice for them to eat so a few for Frida and of course there is always one for me at my door step.  With the changing seasons they are out more and more making sure that I can write them off.  Or who knows they may have to move to a more tax free shelter.  I ponder a new life where I can make enough money to pay someone to do this for me….. Maybe this will be the year I finally do my taxes.

I keep a few things around me to make sure I can visually excape from this process like my calendar of sunflowerw or my oaxacan wood carvings.  There are the worry dolls that my sister Terry gave me when Peter died and good music playing.  Maybe this will be the year I finally do my taxes.   OH alpaca poop my track lighting just blew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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