Monday “Laundry Blues”

It’s Laundry Day again, today it’s blue Monday or laundry blues day.  Feeling a little blue today.  Why?  Well it’s cold outside, windy and off and on snow showers.  Not a good day to hang the laundry.  Ice cold fingers and stiff jeans and towels are not fun to fold.  I took a drive and not much laundry out today in the Amish Community.  A bit here and there but not like last week.  So we are on the same track I guess with the cold fingers.  So how about some blue doors?

When I moved into my house everything was blue, the doors the walls and even the cupboards.

I inquired from several people why the blue doors.  Lots of people who I asked who were not Amish said it was a notice that there was a girl living there of marrying age.  So I took that as why but then I heard from someone else that the blue door was letting people know that there was a family living there.  So why the blue doors, they are on every Amish house out there in this part of the Chautauqua County.  My friend Suzie looked on-line one day and basically they said it could be the same thing I was told but still no real answer.  The only added thought that it is just tradition and that maybe the Bishop of the community painted his door blue one day so the rest of the Amish community followed by painting their doors blue.  Any thought of this feel free to comment and maybe someone out there really knows the answer.


4 thoughts on “Monday “Laundry Blues”

  1. I cannot say I know the real answer but I am sure it is a mandated rule! The Bishop probably determined that would be a good non showy color for the door so he made it a law!!!

  2. found this on the net:

    “I believe the blue door “tradition” can be traced to old Pennsylvania German superstitions that were heavily influenced by the Scots Irish of Pennsylvania.

    According to such belief, a blue door or gate is an effective talisman against evil – much like a horseshoe hung above the door.
    Many folk magic traditions and customs maintain that a witch cannot cross a blue threshold. “

  3. In northern New Mexico many many windows and doors are blue. This color used at an entrance to a home is for protection and to ward off ‘bad spirits’ from entering. It is a very old custom still carried on.

  4. Here in the South, a lot of front porch ceiling are painted what we call “haint blue” for the same reason others have mentioned. The “haints” are supposed to be repelled by the color and unable to enter the house. When my parents bought their little farm in 1976, every exterior door was painted bright red and had a horseshoe over it. At the time my mom disliked it and painted everything white, but a few years ago she went back to red.

    Isn’t it interesting how those traditions develop? Mom, who grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country in the 1940s, asked me last month to try to find out why both of her grandmothers sewed cottonballs to their screen doors. Apparently they were used to plug holes in the screen to keep flies out, but one source also said that their resemblance to a spider’s eggsac was the real deterrent to flies, which might otherwise sit on the door till it opened and then zip inside.

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