Addition to Taxing the Worry Dolls

WOW I DID IT!!!!!!!!!f  Taxes are done and ready for me to sign  at the accountants office.  Can’t believe it after all the worry and worrying with the worry dolls.  I guess they helped me get through this venture.  My sister Terry gave me the dolls years ago I think it was when my partner Peter passed away nearly 3 1/2 years ago.  Maybe this is a sign of a new beginning?  The good thing is that I owe no taxes for the past 3 years and so I can thank the alpacas and the farm for allowing me write a lot of things off.  I truly am a farm.  For anyone thinking of owning alpacas you might consider the tax advantages.  A capital investment for breeding stock that you can depreciate for up to 5 years.  Not only that but you can get this beautiful fiber from these beautiful animals that keeps us warm and soft and even cool in the summer.  Try a pair of alpaca socks and see for yourself.

By the way I am back at the blog and hope to keep you posted on all the new adventures here at the farm.  Also I will continue to venture back into the past 2 years at the Amish house and farm to share how it has taken shape and changed.  Like building the stone wall, soap, perogies,bathroom, my art which I am getting back into and the garden to name a few… and of course all the Monday laundry days to come.  Keep an eye out for more.  Thank you for coming back to the blog!!!


4 thoughts on “Addition to Taxing the Worry Dolls

  1. Ev~just now getting to read your blog…u truly r a ‘gem’; u never give up even through the toughest of times. u r an inspiration, survivor n ur talents r unmeasurable. ur character is ur charm! u will always be my true friend no matter where r lives lead us 🙂 even though i’ve been there with u on a lot of this journey thanks for sharing…

    • Thank you Monica there is more to follow with you and Walt and all the help and support you have given. Saving the good stories for when I get more readers. Saving the best for later.

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