Here it is again another Monday in Chautauqua County New York.  Home of The Chautauqua Institution, Lilly Dale, Chautauqua Lake, The Home of Welsh’s Grapes, Lucile Ball to name just a few things.  And here I am sitting at my computer trying to make another interesting post.  The truth is I feel like doing some laundry about some things.  But first a bit if history concerning laundry day.  The clean wet clothes get hung out to dry and boy what a day for that today.  A very nice breeze and lots of warm sun.  So the clothes were hung to dry.  So what about the clothes pin or peg.  Where did that come from and why.  Well I guess if it was breezy out you needed something to hold the clothes down so they would not blow away.

I did a little research and the clothes pin was invented by the Shakers in Albany New York as well as the washing machine.  They were carved out of a piece of wood and the wet clothes gave enough moisture to keep the pin from splitting.  In the UK the pin or peg was made of willow because that wood held a lot of moisture.  Some designers would wrap a piece of wire around the peg to keep the wood from splitting as well.  Lot of changes and developments through the years but basically it is still a simple gadget to keep the clothes from blowing away.              Children would also use the clothes pins as dolls.  What imaginations, way before Barbie Dolls.

So for laundry day and doing some dirty laundry.  Today I lost the sale of a small group of female alpacas that I really needed to make.  Selling breeding stock has been my major form of income for the last 12 years and the economy has really hit me.  It takes all I have to feed my herd and care for them.  All other activities including fixing up my Amish house have been put on hold.  I had a nice women who wanted to purchase three girls so she could have a small farm and enjoy them and the tax advantages.  Little did I know that the real reason was strictly for taxes and lowering her property tax bill.  Well I got a call and was told that another farmer was going to give her his tax exemption if she would store his hay in her empty barn.  Just to store hay in 1/2 of a persons pole barn is enough to warrant having their  property tax bill lowered and that they are now agricultural exempt?  Why am I a farmer/rancher making my living raising livestock working hard to sell what I produce on my land doing the right thing filling out the paperwork sweating a bad economy just to watch someone who has a bunch of land works in town and just gets some hay in the barn get the agricultural tax exemption.  I guess I have said enough for the evening.  Anyone interested in purchasing some fine alpacas for a change in lifestyle, to lower your blood pressure, harvest some wonderful renewable resource, get great manure for your garden and for a tax break let me know.  I have lots of great animals for sale.



  1. That’s awful! I have to admit- if that is all she cared about I would be very concerned with the kind of care the poor girls would have gotten from a person like that. Not to mention that acting as a storage unit merits the same exemptions as people who actually use their land. Gr.

  2. While reading your blog this morning I realized that the worry dolls look alot like clothes pins…kinda fits into your history of the clothes pins used as dolls. Hang in there Evy! Hopefully the economy will turn around soon…

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