Winter Laundry Blues


Here it is the middle of January and it is hit or miss for hanging out the laundry!  It has been a very busy past 6 months but I hope to get back to blogging again.  I tried to cram in too many things into one day and have to sift out certain things like sitting at the computer.  Would rather sit at my spinning wheel or work on a collage making a piece of art work.  I wanted  to take a drive today to see the beautiful colors of laundry the Amish hung out and against my better judgement I put some throw rugs into the dryer.  I will pull out some photos of the last pictures I took in the Cherry Creek area this fall of some of the most beautiful Amish Farms in the area.  Now is the time to get ready for spring planting and pouring through the seed catalogs.  I may have an intern here at the farm and maybe a WWOOFer or two (I hope) to help and learn on the farm.  Check out the site and see all the people out there that want to learn all that we, the self sustaining farmers are trying to accomplish.  So check out my etsy site under YB Normal Wear or ebrumwell to see the yarns that I have been working on. Maybe more posts will come this way if I could dedicate mayself to the daily blog that many of you are able to do. By the way Happy New Year and I hope all the chick lay great eggs and the fiber on our animals is soft and lustruse.


2 thoughts on “Winter Laundry Blues

  1. Happy to see a post from you. Life just keeps happening here. No time in the day to do much of anything creative. Hang Tight – think of you often

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