Fiber Fun

I have been dying lots of yarns and batts and various other fiber things like my beautiful suri alpaca locks.  Today I spent the day with my friend Chimene and we dyed some of her wool that she said had no color and was not too exciting.  We had 4 different batches that we mixed the colors to try some new combinations.  It seemed some of the wool was less receptive to some of the dyes but all in all most things turned out fine.  Suri alpaca locks, suri 2nd’s, alpaca batts, huacaya alpaca yarn and we had fun.  Chartreuse, violets, yellows in various shades to name a few.  All that was left here at my farm is drying on a rack next to the wood stove and looks lovely.  I hope Chi’s fiber is gracing her living space with as much glory as mine. 
There is something beautiful about color and how it interacts with the light, the natural light really lights up the fiber and today we had a beautiful sunny day with temperatures hoving above freezing. Even in my humble Amish house with limited light the colors of the fiber that we dyed floats there on the drying rack singing songs of joy…..Beautiful reds, corals, pinks, greens, chartreuse, purples and yellows… Love it!!!
The evening was topped off with dinner with Miss Suzie, her husband was off to a meeting and dinner with the local credit union board members so we did our 2nd. annual clams and linguini meal and great wine and sat by the wood stove and laughed. A great day and can’t wait for the 3rd annual meeting. LOL


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