This was the first pasture for the girls.  They were patient while the fences were put up.  Just lying around chew their cud.  The little ones played as they always do.  Alpacas come is over 23 colors and patterns.  Their hair is prized for its softness and thermal qualities.  It is 3-5 times warmer than wool.  Nothing like a pair of alpaca socks, I even wear them in the summer working on the farm.


Babies are called cria, they are camels better known as the camelid family.  They are mild-tempered creatures, each with its own personality that is inquisitive, intellengent, clean and are delighful to just hang out with…..why else would I still be doing this after 13 year in their world?

There Are Two Types of Alpacas, Huacaya and Suri:

There are two different breeds of alpacas, Huacaya and Suri.  Most alpacas are huacayas.  Their hair grows out from the body forming a dense ball of fiber that makes the alpaca look big and fluffy.  Like a teddy bear.  The fiber has a crimp and it is usually fine and has brightness. Huacaya fiber creates beautiful soft warm garments like sweaters, throws, hats and gloves to name a few.  Suri fiber is different and very rare making up about 1 to 2 percent of the world’s population of alpacas.  Their fiber hangs from their body in the form of lock that may be twisted, wavy, curlyorflat and should exhibit a good degree of luster.  Suris have been prized for their luster and drape.


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