Arts and Craft

Lustrous Fiber

Little Chautauqua Creek

I have spun yarn for 3 years now and absolutely love to spin the Suri alpaca right from my animals.  After shearing I choose a fleece that has extremely high luster and give it a bath in shampoo.  Lavender shampoo is my favorite.  I dry the fleece and then hand paint the locks with acid dyes that I order.  I tried natural dyes but found them too labor intensive.  After the fleece is dyed and dry I either hand card the locks of Suri alpaca or just spin right from the uncarded fiber.  I enjoy pairing the colors that my remind me of something from nature or around me.  The hand carded rovings here are called “Little Chautauqua Creek”  A beautiful stream where the water tumbles over colorful rocks and I often see fly fishermen casting their lines.

100% Suri Alpaca Yarn that was hand dyed, carded and hand spun by me. Look at the Luster.

As a fine artist I am always struggling each day to do something creative. I think it is a needed outlet for me.  It makes me feel grounded and relieves stress.  Actually I think in my dreams I’d give up this crazy line of work and just settle down in a loft and make art.  I can’t right now because I am a shepherdess and need to tend my flock of 50 alpacas.  You will see as I post more pictures of what I do which include tending my flock,renovating a farm that was built and run by the Amish, fiber arts, paintings, furniture, good food some of which comes from my garden and cooking with a creative bend and what ever else keeps me going.  It is hard to describe to people just what I do.


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