No Laundry Day Today

    They warned us that today was not going to be like the last week or month.  No sun, warmth, green leaves, spring flowers and peepers.  No today is lots and lots of cold snow and wind.  The forecast for my hill is up to a foot or more of the white stuff.  Heavy wet snow that can really wreck a good spring day.  I guess there is at least 6 inches so far and it appears to keep falling out of the sky.  No laundry today and I am not going for a ride to see if the Amish hung out their clothes.  Some do even in the rain.  But my guess is that they are tucked away in their blue trimmed houses making bread, soap or cookies.

Today I decided to make my soap boxes.  Not a soap box to stand on to air my  laundry and sound off again.  No I really am going to make soap.  My friend Chimene gave me a lesson a couple of months ago and the soap is wonderful.  I look some of the blue trim that I removed from the house and look it down to the basement and cut and trimmed to make myself 5 boxes to pour the soap into before it is cut into bars.  I have plans for more Chautauqua Honey Olive Oil soap, seems some friends of mine claim that their skin problems have healed up.  So I have orders.  My friend Suzie and I are trying to think of a great name for our new product line that we keep talking about.  Hair rinse, soaps, and vinegar made from our harvest of herbs and berries.  I know soap and vinegar does not go together but what the heck.  Did you know that soap making has been going on for as long as man/women have been around.  Soap making was developed through trial and error until a bar of soap was perfected.  The early hard-working colonists used wood ashes and waste fats.  This gives testimony to the early American self-sufficiency and resourcefulness.  The Babylonians made soap in 2800 BC and the Phoenicians around 600 BC.  Soap through the ages was made using a form of sodium alkali.  The Egyptians are thought to have used local soda deposits for their source of alkali as the Spaniards did.  Other people un various regions burned seaweed producing sodium based barilla for their alkali.  Most people today go to the store and buy something filled with antibacterial ingredients with a lot of added unnecessary ingredients and develop all sorts of skin problems.  I have been using gentle soap for a long time and prefer hand-made soap.  Now I use my own.  Let me know if you are interested in putting in an order.