Monday Quandary Laundry

Quandary Laundry Day here at the farm.  Wanted to get out and see the laundry flying in the wind but I was way to busy to capture the thoughts and philosophy of laundry flapping in the wind.  You know that those Amish ladies think a lot while hanging laundry out.  Wonder what they are thinking…… What their children are doing, when the next baby is due, or what they will plant in the garden…… I know I think a lot while doing these kinds of mundane chores.  I think that hanging out the clothes is almost theraputic.  A kind of soap box phiIosophy time when you and only you can do the laundry and get it off your chest.  I did manage to hang out one load of colored laundry on the lines thinking the whole time. jeans, sweatshirts, long sleeved pullovers….all on the line along with my favorite alpaca socks.  There are always a few socks on the line.  I thought alot about my fate at this place trying to pull off the miracle of makeing a thriving alpaca breeding farm, growing vegetables for a CSA, maybe farm meals focasing on the food and wines of the area and an educational place for schools and yeah charter buses of our senors.  To have them come out to see the alpacas.and ask great question and have a great time to share together all the stories they and I have to offer.  Tomorrow I will tell you about my CSA.  My community supported agriculture effort to encourage good good comsumption and to get to know your local grower of food.