The Amish House

About 2 1/2 years ago I was sitting at my old farm with a feeling of despair at the thought of moving on and relocating because the man I lived with for 13 years had passed away.  So as I usually do when I need counsel I called a sister and to moan.  She suggested that I take a ride and look at properties as I seemed to enjoy that.  It was an early fall day and there was a listing for a place at the top of the county near a couple of favorite areas.  So I hopped in the car and off I went.  What did I find, an Amish farm that had been vacant for about a year.  There was a big white farm-house with blue trimmings, several out buildings and the remains of a garden center.  It had the right feel and peering into the former tack/leather shop it hit me that this could be my alpaca store.  I drove off in the opposite direction towards home to enjoy the fall colors and passed the neighbor’s house where there was a sign for a gallery.  As I drove further along I realized it was good acquaintances of mine that I was looking forward to seeing their new place.  I turned around, knocked on their door and said “I may be your new neighbors”  Here I am with the Speed of Light Gallery next door.





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