The Store

When I first saw the Amish farm I thought that the leather and tack shop owned by the Kurtz’s would make a great store.  It just needed some special love and care.  I had a vision.  So the first thing I did was work on the store when I purchased the farm.  My cousin Billy was a huge help and my best friend not just my cousin. I will never forget how many hot dogs we ate and cooked in the wood stove.  I don’t even like hot dogs but they tasted good.   Monica and Walt where there in the beginning to help with the store, cutting and measuring recycled wood for the wall and always brought great food that we would share in the sun room of the house.  They are troopers and Monica still answers the phone when I call.  Some friends came and some have left in the two years since I purchased the farm but will always be grateful for their help and the fun times.  More stories to tell as the days pass.  Lots of fun things like the time capsule, the real beginning of my friendship with Doug and Sue as well, the electric and the snow mobile customers.


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